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Housing Association Services

It's important that your property or scheme has a thorough and high-quality waste management system in place, to ensure the health & safety and well-being of your tenants and occupants, as well as the overall cleanliness of your property and its surroundings.

Fly Tipping

Bulk and/or hazardous items and waste, which has been left outside, unattended on properties or schemes.

Service Bin Stores

Contaminated bins [eg. non-recyclable material in recycle bins], bulk items or uncollected refuse in the bin store space, as well as general health & safety cleaning in the bin store space.

Fulfill Statutory Duties

Clearance for end of tenancy, voids, decants, bespoke moves or environmental cleans. Additionally, we offer services for tree surgery, and locksmith services.

Price List

Tipper Truck


Small Load - 4 Yard

250kg max.

£85 (excl. VAT)


Half Load - 7 Yard

400kg max.

£110 (excl. VAT)


Full Load - 7 Yard

800kg max.

£215 (excl. VAT)

Luton Van


Minimum Load

1.5 Cubic Yards
(approx. 8 bin bags)

150kg max.

£70 (excl. VAT)


1/4 Load

7 Cubic Yards
(approx. 40 bin bags)

500kg max.

£175 (excl. VAT)


3/4 Load

18 Cubic Yards
(approx. 100 bin bags)

1500kg max.

£435 (excl. VAT)


1/2 Load

14 Cubic Yards
(approx. 80 bin bags)

1000kg max.

£275 (excl. VAT)


1/3 Load

10 Cubic Yards
(approx. 60 bin bags)

800kg max.

£215 (excl. VAT)


Full Load

24 Cubic Yards
(approx. 120 bin bags)

2000kg max.

£550 (excl. VAT)

Additional Charges & Services

Environmental Clean

Please contact us for a quote.


An additional £20 (excl. VAT)

Out of Hours

Normal rates + 20%

Communal Clean

Please contact us for a quote.


An additional £70 (excl. VAT)

Litter Pick

Included in Clearance

House/Flat Clearance

Please contact us for a quote.

Car Tyre

An additional £8 (excl. VAT)

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