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Private Sector Services

With competitive rates for services which are cheaper, and more efficient than manually purchasing a skip, Acclaim First are your go-to solution for all of your private waste management needs.

General Cleaning

We provide general services, such as environmental cleans, emergency decants, fumigation, or bespoke removals.

Property Clearances

If you are in the process of moving house, we can remove your furniture, carpets and flooring.

Bulk Clearance

We can clear all bulk furniture items, as well as large amounts of unsold stock, or any instances of fly-tipping. We can also remove builders' waste - Please contact us for a quote.

End of Tenancy

If your tenancy is over, or you have tenants that will be moving out, we can help with furniture removal and cleaning, to restore the property in it's best possible condition.

Attic Insulation

We are able to source and install attic insulation in your properties. Providing the minimum thickness of 270mm as per Government legislation.

Price List

Tipper Truck


Small Load - 4 Yard

250kg max.

£85 (excl. VAT)


Half Load - 7 Yard

400kg max.

£110 (excl. VAT)


Full Load - 7 Yard

800kg max.

£215 (excl. VAT)

Luton Van

1/2 Load


Minimum Load

1.5 Cubic Yards
(approx. 8 bin bags)

150kg max.

£70 (excl. VAT)


1/4 Load

7 Cubic Yards
(approx. 40 bin bags)

500kg max.

£175 (excl. VAT)


14 Cubic Yards
(approx. 80 bin bags)

1000kg max.

£275 (excl. VAT)


3/4 Load

18 Cubic Yards
(approx. 100 bin bags)

1500kg max.

£435 (excl. VAT)


1/3 Load

10 Cubic Yards
(approx. 60 bin bags)

800kg max.

£215 (excl. VAT)


Full Load

24 Cubic Yards
(approx. 120 bin bags)

2000kg max.

£550 (excl. VAT)

Additional Charges & Services

Environmental Clean

Please contact us for a quote.


An additional £20 (excl. VAT)

Out of Hours

Normal rates + 20%

Communal Clean

Please contact us for a quote.


An additional £70 (excl. VAT)

Litter Pick

Included in Clearance

House/Flat Clearance

Please contact us for a quote.

Car Tyre

An additional £8 (excl. VAT)

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